The last defense
Kodey Miller
Pre-AP language

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The last defense
Civil war, WW1, WW2, Vietnam all places where conscription has been in affect, and not all of those wars where either (a) un-warranted or (b) un-liked wars. Now the only one that stands out to be un-warranted or un-liked was Vietnam. Now out of 4 major wars there was only one that turned rotten. This proves that not all wars that have conscription are un-liked or un-warranted.
Government officials use conscription only when the troops are in desperate need of reinforcements. (Faust NP) So by nullifying conscription or A.K.A “the draft” you basically take away our countries last defense in any war of the future. The first conscription every was in France during the French Revolution to make it a nation in arms to defend itself from any one who would want to put the monarchy back in power.(webster NP) So There is an instance that conscription actually saved a new country trying to defend its newly founded government.
Almost Any war that someone is drafted in their outlook of the war will probably not be the most color full. All conflicts can not be talked over and the first strike you may not be able to control. So when our country is in need of men because some foreign power decides to attack without warning like in pearl harbor and our soldiers our in need of relief I believe that our government not only has the right but the duty to draft men and women to help the soldiers fighting to secure our right, our freedom, and our land. We devourer our nations resources, we pollute the air, the water, the ground; we have the right, the duty, and the honor to do so.

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Conscription is thought be many to be one of the biggest contributor to desegregation, because whites were being forced to relay on a black soldier for support. They ate together, slept together, and took turns on watch. Because of the draft our country now is a lot less segragated because of the dependence on each other during wars. During WW2 Nazi Germanys blitzkrieg was over running Western Europe in 1940 the US draft help get men to the front lines quickly and trained more efficiently because larger groups where coming in to training and larger groups were leave training for the western front. This greatly helped to fall of Nazi Germany at the end of WW2.
The reason that our government is set up is so that there our checks and balances so that our president does not get into a war that the represenatives of the people or congress do not agree with. This is supposed to stop any war of that sort. So to say that any time we get in a war that the government drafts people to fight is unwanted and unpopular then you are saying that ever war we have ever gotten into or ever will get into is going to be un warranted or un popular because its decided by the same people ever time; its decided by the people because we are the ones who vote the president in, or the congress official in. so what this is saying is that we as a nation have failed to vote on popular wars or on warranted wars. So if there is any one to blame its yourself. You’re the one who caste that vote to help make that man the president, you’re the one who cast the vote for the congress man who is supposed to be representing your state that you live in. Conscription is only there so that in case we have to use we can defend the lands that

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we love. Now the ones that decide on the wars that we get into, that my fellow Americans, is in our hands. This is why i belive that conscription is does not cause unwarnted or unpoular wars, but its the nation who makes them unpoular.