Idi Amin was "president" of Uganda between 1971-1979 and during his reign, he reportedly killed between 200,000-500,000 people out of 10 million people. He was born to a poor farming family of the Kakwa ethnic group. He formed connections with the Baganda ethnic group, which had political influences. He joined the British Colonial Army in 1946. He was one of the first natives to rise to a commissioned officer (lieutenant). In 1968, as Major General in command of the Ugandan army and air force, he supported Prime Minister Obete in his overthrow of Edward Mutesa. He seized power in January 1971 when Obote was gone and abolished parliament as well as declared himself supreme ruler. He ruled the country solely by himself. Amin had advisers, but he generally did not listen to them. He was worried about the possibility of another coup occurring and losing his control of the Ugandan government. This led to thousands of deaths because he did not want anybody to even think about overthrowing him. He killed thousands that there was even a rumor they had been talking bad about the way he ran Uganda. He was even so paranoid that he killed his own wife.

Major events in Idi's Life

1946- Amin was promoted to corpral in the Ugandan army
1951- Amin was heavy weight boxing champ in Uganda

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1952 - Serves in Mau Mau revolt
1959 - Promoted to warrant officer or the rank of effendi which in that period for Uganda was Ugandans with leadership potential
1961 - Raised to the rank of Lieutenant he was only one of two African people to be promoted to a commissioned officer in the British army
1962 - Obote takes power. Amin soars to the rank of commander of the army and air force
1970 - Amin removed from his commanding role and is put in a administrative position
1971 - Amin leads a coup and takes control of the government. He isthought to be backed both by the British and the Israelis

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1972 - Kicked Asians out of Uganda. He also began his reign of terror killing hundreds of thousands of people.
1976 - Hostage crisis takes place and he is humiliated when Israeli commandos storm his airport and rescue the hostages.
1978 - The invasion of Tanzania fails and Tanzania invades Uganda
1979 - Amin flees Uganda and goes to Saudi Arabia where he lives the rest of his life.
2003 - Amin dies in Saudi Arabia.

Background leading up to Idi and led to the Tyranny

1860's - The British Empire led expeditions to the source of the Nile. They went into Uganda
1887-1888 - Missionaries enter Uganda
1888 - The United Kingdom put Uganda as a charter in the East India Trading Company
1914 - Uganda by combining with other kingdoms
1920's - Bugandans (a British backed tribe) rule the country under Britain
1920's-1961 - British ruled directly and indirectly. They were actually lenient towards the Ugandan people unlike other people in the country. The country was broken up into small county/state like areas. These were ruled by native people. As a result they were not mistreated like others.1953 - The first real call for independance came from a man called Kabaka Mutesa the second.
1962 - Milton Obote won the elections for the prime minister. This of course was after Britian finally gave up power.
1962-1971 - Obote did the same thing as Idi Amin. President for life, controlling all aspects of the government, etc. The reason why he could do this was because he had alot of supporters in parliament who passed everthing he wanted them to.
1966 - Obote overthrows constitution. Revolters take control of the capitol. Idi Amin puts down the coup.
1971 - Obote goes to a meeting in Singapore and Idi has a coup de etat and takes control. Milton Obote won the elections for the prime minister. This of course was after Britian finally gave up power.