Uganda has a wide variety of cultures due to the many different tribes and ethnic groups that occupy the country. Each tribe is different and has many varieties of languages, dances, religions, and ceremonies.

Dance of Ugandan Spirit


After Uganda gained its independence from the United Kingdom, English became its first official language because it was the language of the colonizing power, but nowadays it is mostly spoken as a second language. While Idi Amin was in control, he declared Swahili, a widely used African language, the national language. It is used in the army and police to this day for that very reason. In 2005, Swahili was made Uganda's second official national language. Luganda, a Bantu language, is widely spread throughout central Uganda and is the official vernacular language in its schools. About 40 different languages are in use throughout the country and can be divided into the 4 different language families labeled on the map below.
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85% of the population is Christian. There are many Hindu's currently returning to the area.

Fine arts:

Music: Harps, Xylophones, and thumb piano's are the most common instruments. Okot p'Bitek is one of the more famous musicians.


Art: Uganda has produced many recognized artists. Art was not made very modern until the works of Margaret Trowell who founded the Fine Art school at Makerere University in Kampala. This opened opportunities to many artists in Uganda. During the rule of Idi Amin all artistic pursuits evaporated. The Fine Arts School stayed open during his rule although the attendance was almost zero. Today many people go to the Fine Arts school and art is a growing influence in the culture.
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Most dishes generally consist of some type of stew, usually with some type of groundnuts or beans. This is due to the large portion of the population, which cannot afford meat on a daily basis. The foods have heavy Indian and Arab influences. Upper class cuisine usually has several courses ad is English or Asian in nature

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