In 1863, France claims Cambodia and holds on to it until World War 1-where Japan has a short term at the driver’s seat. This was only to be retaken by the French. This French rule lasted until 1953 when Cambodia won its independence from the French indefinitely but in reality stepped themselves into something much worse. In the mid to late fifties, the Cambodian government was suffering from major power struggles and strong indifferences between the infamous right and left parties. During the power discrepancies, a young communist group arose, The Khmer Rouge, and became a threat to the existing government as well as a following of Cambodian citizens who were anxiously awaiting change. In 1967, the Khmer Rouge gained enough power to no longer await political justice and cease control by force. After this first sign of offensive things began to snowball until it became an all out war by 1970. From 1970 to 1975, this civil war flustered and rose. The war was one sided in the favor of Pol-Pot and his communist regime from the get-go, so by the time the fighting had deceased, Pol-Pot was already in full swing with what his idea of a government should be. And so it began the reign of terror, the unexplainable killing, and the ruining of the whole future of Cambodia by one man. The Khmer Rouge.

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These two pictures contrast the diffrences in Cambodian life style before and after the terrible Khmer Rouge, as shown above, and during the reign as shown below. Although before the Khmer Rouge, life in Cambodia was not perfect as it is not in any country, it was heaven compared to the death years that plagued Cambodia during the time of Pol-Pot.

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