April 1975, the Cambodian poeple were relieved that the war was over but just as they were relieved they were suddenly brought back to earth with the stinging ideals of Pol-Pot and the beginning of "year zero" . Only months into the aftermath of the war, the new communist rule went into full swing. They started by removing everyone from cities and out into the open because "cities support capitalism, so if you live in one, you are an enemy to the government" that so bluntly said was the only justification they presented. For nearly four years, until 1979, a complete communist rule consisting of mass killings, tortures, and unnecessary punishments flooded Cambodia and killed nearly 2 million people. This was called the "democratic Kampucha". This was short lived when the Vietnamese finally end the nightmare and overthrow Pol-Pot in 1979. Pol-pot was then sent into hiding and for roughly ten years, Vietnamese officials worked alongside the few level-headed officials still left in Cambodia to slowly rebuild the government from ground zero. In 1998, the santanic role Pol-Pot played in Cambodia was finally put to rest with his death.

Below are more details about the rise and fall of the Khmer Rouge. This comes from www.facts-about.org.uk/history-and-events-timeline.com
and gives a better idea of the different countries and social groups that occupied Cambodia and Phnon Pehn. It also displays important dates in which leaders came to power and when they were disposed.

Cambodia History Timeline & Facts

600's - 1500's the Khmer civilization
1863 - Cambodia becomes a protectorate of France and became part of French Indo-china
French colonial rule lasts for 90 years
1941 - 1945 - Cambodia is occupied by Japan during World War II
1946 - France re-imposes its protectorate
1953 - Cambodia declares independence from France
1953 - Becomes the Kingdom of Cambodia
1965 - Head of State Sihanouk breaks off relations with the US
1965 - North Vietnamese guerrillas to set up bases in Cambodia to pursue their campaign against the US-backed government in South Vietnam
1970 - Sihanouk is deposed
1975 - The Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, occupy Phnom Penh
1975 - Cambodia is re-named Kampuchea
1976 - The country is re-named Democratic Kampuchea
1977 - Fighting breaks out with Vietnam
1978 - Vietnamese forces invade Cambodia
1979 January - The Vietnamese take Phnom Penh
1979 - Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge forces flee to the borders with Thailand
1979 - The People's Republic of Kampuchea is established
1989 - Vietnamese troops withdraw
1989 - The country is re-named the State of Cambodia
1997 - The Khmer Rouge put Pol Pot on trial and sentence him to life imprisonment
1998 Pol Pot dies.