Tyrant Government
A Day in the Life
Focus 1: Camps
Focus 2: Aftermath
Focus 3: Prisoners


The soviet system started the Gulags in it's highest point, under the control of Stalin. The Gulag was a way to keep anyone against Stalin out of power Stalins
secret police made sure that anyone who resisted, or threatened Stalin's power, would disappear forever. Stalin ruled through fear. The Gulag was just his weapon that enforced it.

The Gulags were a series of forced labor camps that Stalin would send people to. The camps didn't just contain common criminals however. The camps also contained political enemies as well as anyone thought to be a threat to Stalin. The prisoners would be taken away secretly, and never seen again. This put all people under Stalin's control in fear and a sense of mindless obedience. Many people wouldn't even talk about him in fear of his secrete police.

The camps were labor camps and were located in Siberia and the far north. The prisoners were forced to mine coal, copper, and gold, as well as do or build anything else that would benefit Stalin's empire.

Living conditions in these camps were very bad and many people died of disease. Things like frostbite, broken bones, and malnutrition lead to the deaths of thousands of inmates at the camps. The inmates were over worked, under fed, and often beaten. Very few of the prisoners were ever liberated or even lived long enough to see the fall of Stalin.

The Gulags were horrible acts of inhumane killings and slavery of thousands of people. Stalin did this to strike fear in the eyes of the people he ruled over and to become a better leader. All he did was cause pain and suffering. These are the facts about the atrocity.